Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shopping/Dressing ideas: The perfect layering.

Autumn's almost here, the breeze gets colder and colder and we're all confused what to wear, because it's actually either hot or cold outside. The morning's are still cold, but the afternoon's are pretty hot. Or it's cold, but we don't want to store our favorite summer clothes away. Autumn/winter is probably the best season for layering our clothes to add some edge and excitement to the outfit, to feel comfortable and to keep our lightweight clothes on. Here in Germany layering is called "onion tactics" - wearing several layers in order to keep you warm and (which is the best part) to leave the heavy weighted winter parka or coat at home. BUT: how to layer perfectly? I've been layering for more than probably 3 autumns/springs and winters now (I want to post many many many layering combos the next weeks, so check 'em out and give them some love then :) ) and here are some DO's and DON'Ts for a gorgeous looking outfit (which will definitely keep you warm, I promise!)

  • Get some flannels and plaid shirts - they are comfy, cozy and super soft. The plaids also go with many prints. Boyfriend cuts or long length shirts keep your butt and thighs warm and look better while layering. 
  • Leather jackets are THE key piece. Keep in mind you need some extra room for cardigans and shirts, so size up maybe. Furthermore it's better to invest some more money in a faux leather jacket or a real leather jacket, because good quality is way warmer and will be with you through the next years or even for a lifetime  
  • Cardigans are absolutely essential. Search for not too heavy or too thick knits and for less printed ones or prints which go with everything (e.g. lace patterns, marbled prints…). Longer lengths are better as well as asymmetric designs. There are also some with hoods!
  • Army style parka jackets with a light or no lining at all. Those are not too heavy or too warm. Keep in mind they shouldn't be too long and rather a short cut, because the layers underneath should be seen! 
  • Denim jackets are also a great layering piece. They are less warm than leather jackets, but are great with some cozier knits. 
  • Don't hesitate to wear your favorite pair of denim cut offs or skater mini skirts! You can still wear them in fall with some black sheer tights. They even increase the "layering impression". 
  • Printed tees, sweaters and tops (especially band shirts or similar looking ones) are perfect. You can still see the print.
  • Tight fitting leggings or denim pants - especially the destroyed and washed ones add some laid-back feeling to the outfit.
  • A statement necklace completes the whole look.
  • Colors like burgundy &khaki (typical autumn colors), grey, black or white - they will go with almost everything!
  • Don't zip or button your jackets - leave them open! 
  • Too tight fitting cardigans, jackets or shirts. 
  • Too many prints and too bright colors - try searching for soft prints and colors, because those are easier to combine 
  • Wearing similar kinds of jackets or materials - All layers should be different e.g. denim, leather and knit
  • Too baggy pants - rather go for skinny jeans because it's better for your body silhouette! 
In general these kinds of clothes are the best for layering: 
Tops: Biker (leather) jackets, denim or army jackets, cardigans, (faux fur/crochet/lace/knit) waistcoats, denim shirts, plaid flannel shirts, short faux fur jackets, printed tees or sweaters, printed (summer) dresses, duster kimonos or tight fitting kimonos, longline knits etc.
Bottoms: Skinny jeans, leggings, tights, skater skirts, denim shorts, maxi skirts (for a boho/hippie winter look) or in general: everything you also would wear in summer BUT with tights. Your layered tops should keep you warm anyways, especially because the longer layers will cover your butt! ;-D

… Of course it's also important that YOU feel comfortable in those clothes which should also match with your wardrobe and style in general. Usually your "layering" pieces will be amassed through the years. I personally have many flannel shirts from past collections and comfy cardigans which are my favorites for many autumns/winters now. I also have leather, denim and army jackets from the past few years, so it's really worth buying jackets you REALLY like and which are timeless. I searched through some of my favorite online shops in order to give you some shopping ideas and to help you finding the best layering pieces (tops only), you definitely won't regret having bought them! :-)

… These are my favorite online shops where you usually find great layering pieces which aren't too expensive! Others are: Free People, Missguided, Boohoo (great vintage fashion!), ROMWE, OASAP, Beyond Retro and NastyGal and Forever21

I've already been looking forward to showing you my layering looks in the next weeks! xx

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