Monday, August 25, 2014

Outfit: Dreamcatcher

"Dreamcatcher" kimono: Spell Designs via Free People || Iron Maiden tee: H&M || Denim shorts: Missguided (old)

I guess you all know that this kimono is SO me, I needn't explain why right? Feathers, western inspired prints, a buffalo skull, flowers AND dreamcatcher. I mean is it possible for a kimono to get any better? I don't think so. The kimono's warm peachy brownish colors go with everything and look beautiful. I wish I could wear this combo forever,  but autumn's coming and it's getting colder and colder already… (today I definitely would add some tights and a leather jacket to the look ughhh...). I was so surprised when I saw the iron maiden tee at H&M lately, but I decided to get it because I love metal music and band shirts as y'aaaaalll  know and iron maiden is definitely one of my favorite 'classic' rock bands. But to be honest I'm still hoping that there are no 10 years old kids who just want to be cool (or like the print) and buy an iron maiden tee at H&M without having ever heard a song by them… 
Wish you loves an awesome new week! xx

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