Monday, August 4, 2014

Outfit: Back roads.

"Chiyo" Bralet: Brandy Melville || Jada Dress: Brandy Melville || Necklace: Vanessa Mooney || Platform Heels: Choies

The whole outfit is from Brandy Melville which is one of my favorite places to shop. I love the shop's beachy atmosphere with wooden floors, white vintage clothing hangers and lightish walls. I remember the first time shopping there in Munich when I really wanted to just right move in there haha. They have typical californian inspired clothing there and many cool print shirts, the most perfect cardigan sweaters and dresses. Their "Jada" dresses are the best thing to wear for super hot summer days, because these are so flowy! I kind of collect them, I've already owned three of them. They are cute and sexy at the same time because of the backless design. Furthermore the "Chiyo" top by Brandy fits perfectly to the dresses, I decided to get it in black because it fits to all my other dresses as well. Even though it's a simple white dress I wanted it to make it look more edgier, so I put on plenty of my boho vintage treasures like my hand piece you already know from previous posts. I'm totally obsessing over silver & turquoise jewelry, especially in summer. I've always been a huge fan of navajo rings, necklaces and cuffs. I would totally wear this outfit (without platform heels of course) while walking on the beach. Unfortunately it'll be another year of waiting until I see my beloved ocean again. Well, now my wanderlust came back. 


  1. I love this bralet and maybe I'm going to buy such a bralet, too.
    It looks very good :))

  2. I think with a string it will be more sexy