Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Outfit: Sugar rush.

"Chupa Chips" tie-dye tee: Primark || Necklace: Zara || Fishnet tights: Forever 21 || Lita Spikes boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Fishnet tights are probably my favorite tights ever (besides sheer black tights) because those are always looking awesome and grungy. I bought the shirt when I was shopping at Primark a couple of weeks ago (See my post about it here) and I guess I found the perfect tie-dyed shirt. I got it for only 10€ and it's actually from the men section. I bought it in "L" because I wanted it to be oversized, so it can be worn as a dress, too. I like the fact its colors aren't too bright, even though it is colorful, the colors are pale and darker. I love that! And come on, haven't we all enjoyed our Chupa Chips lollipops since we were little? I remember loving the ones with strawberry or cherry haha. I have to admit I was inspired by the music video for the song "Messed Up World" by The Pretty Reckless. Taylor wore a tie-dyed shirt as a dress while rocking on the beachside. I preferred some tights, because it would definitely look a bit weird wearing a tee as a dress without anything when you're not near the beach. Or at least I think so. Plus I haven't worn any tights for such a long time, because the weather was too hot and I wanted to wear shorts or dresses without anything (wayyy more comfortable, I will miss this so much when fall comes!). 


  1. This dress and whole outfit looks really sick! The shirt would look even cooler If you've added some rips and shreds to the hem of the shirt (like how some of the tie-dye shirts and dress are done at UNIF).

    And I was also inspired by The Pretty Reckless' new music video as well! I recently found an old dress in my closet that was kinda similar to what Taylor wore in the music video except darker and with a rainbow tie-dye scheme instead of with pastel rainbows. I just love how easy it is to take a piece of tie-dye clothing and make it into something edgy and badass with just a few accessories and clothing pieces!

    Tiffany | Tragic Couturist