Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit: Autumn's calling.

"Jada" backless dress: Brandy Melville || Jewelry: Vintage or from markets || Boots: Zara .

That dress perfectly express the weather at the moment: Even if it's still summer (or should be at least), the weather feels like autumn is very very close. The sun shines, it's still hot, but the air and the wind are quite fresh and chilly. That beautiful dress I bought when I was in Munich and shopping at Brandy has the perfect autumn print. The brownish colors and the gorgeous boho print somehow really remind me of autumn colors even though it's a summer dress. Perfect for the transition from summer to autumn, right? I really love the "Jada" design by Brandy Melville, it looks so cute and sexy at the same time. Generally I really love backless dresses at the moment (thinking of getting a crochet one for autumn!) even though I have to wear a jacket over it right now because of the cold breeze here in Germany right now. As usual I also wear my vintage treasures I found at local markets or on vintage websites and my beloved western booties from Zara. 

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