Monday, November 7, 2016

Outfit: So let me in, we'll sort it out.

Tapestry afghan coat: Vintage via Etsy || Pink Floyd tee: Urban Outfitters (old) || mesh leggings: eBay (old) || Platform boots: Vagabond || Jewelry: Vintage

For today I have my usual combo I wear every day. I love wearing vintage coats together with band tees and some leggings. These leggings are my favorites by the way, they're so comfortable and I love that they look like tights. I especially like them with my platform heels. I got this perfect vintage coat which reminds me a lot of the typical "Penny Lane" boho style which has become my signature look in winter. It got a perfect faux fur trim and a beautiful floral tapestry fabric which is very lightweighted but still keeps me very warm. I also usually layer many necklaces, they make winter outfits more unique looking. 
And of course a band tee from one of my favorite 60s/70s bands Pink Floyd! These guys were a milestone for Rock 'n' Roll.

Love x

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