Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Outfit: My head is like a carousel and I'm going round in circles.

Trench coat: Style Moi || Guns n Roses tee: H&M (old) || Bandits shorts in frost: One Teaspoon || Tribal Necklace, Bracelet and rings: Vintage || Western boots: Zara (old)

"Every now and again we get the feeling
And the great big void inside us opens up
And I really wish that you could help
But my head is like a carousel and
I'm going round in circles, going round in circles (...)
Don't wake us up
We’d rather just keep dreaming
'Cause the nightmares in our heads are bad enough." 
(- Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon) 
So this outfit probably isn't that summer-like, it's more suitable for fall but I felt like wearing some khaki/army green and I really loved it together with some fishnet tights. This gorgeous trench coat is actually very lightweight, flowy and perfect for warmer weather. The whole outfit is a mixture of Rock 'n' roll, grunge and some western vibes I love. I'm wearing some white denim shorts as a light colored highlight and one of my all time favorite tops which got the Guns n Roses logo and some fringing. Guns n Roses will always be one of my favorite bands, I love their music so much. 

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