Monday, July 13, 2015

Outfit: Kickstart my heart.

Crochet multi colored 'Holy Hell' cardigan: Rat & Boa || Los Angeles tee: Forever 21 || Boots: Dr. Martens || Necklace: H&M

Monday monday, yes it's our favorite day again. The only positive thing about Monday is the fact there's a whole new week with new hopes, chances or changes lying ahead of us - we should allllways keep that in mind. ;-D
For some motivating vibes I chose one of my all time favorite songs "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crüe for the title, it's one of those tunes I can listen on repeat without getting bored at all.
The weekend was a typical summer weekend and here's one of my casual comfy combos I wore a couple of days ago. I'm wearing an oversized tee with huge armholes I bought at Forever 21 around one year ago. Its size is actually XXL and that tee came directly from the plus size department, but I had to get it because of this gorgeous print. Now I'm happy that I got it, because it can be worn as a dress what I love! You all know I love Los Angeles so much, it's my favorite city. The home of my heart and the place where tons of my dreams are based on. For adding some color to the black/creamish look I went for my crochet cardigan with those cute granny squares. I also got a dress with a similar design which I already wore in an outfit post a couple of weeks ago. It simply looks cute, very 70s and outstanding at the same time. Because it's one of my just "throw over" outfits I wear the most comfortable boots ever made - my docs. I basically wear them every time I go for a walk or to the supermarket haha. 

Love xxx


  1. Love the crochet kimono, great outfit ♥

  2. So effortless, loving the kimono! X

  3. So effortless, loving the kimono! X