Friday, January 9, 2015

Outfit: I chase your love around a figure 8.

Gold embroidered velvet kimono: Zara || Metallica tee & acid washed leggings & Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Gamloong || Rings: RegalRose & Shopdixi 

Golden embroidery is probably the most beautiful thing ever - especially on black velvet! That kimono jacket (it's actually very warm!) is one of those items which you usually don't expect to find at Zara, you'd probably rather think it's from an extraordinary thrift store. It's simply beautiful and very expensive looking. It kinda reminds me of those coats/jackets Jimi Hendrix wore back in the 70s, I will never regret having bought this masterpiece. I mixed it up with a metallica band top, some acid washed leggings and my favorite cowboy booties in order to dress it down a bit and make it suitable for an every day look - it's also perfect as a evening jacket on top of a gorgeous sequined slip dress btw. :-)
I love the top together with those leggings, because they got the same washed black color - the top was a real bargain, got it for only 6€ at Urban Outfitters when they had their sale reductions! 

Love xx


  1. Ein super schöner Look. Vor allem der Kimono gefällt mir super gut :)
    Liebe grüße Jacky

  2. Kimono makes this look go so fresh and original!
    Great. :)

  3. I loved your style :) And I have a blog too