Friday, January 23, 2015

Outfit: Far From Never.

Desert rose kimono: Spell Designs || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Vintage & vanessa mooney || destroyed jeans: H&M || Boots: Gamloong

You all know I usually wear my kimonos with some denim cut offs or dresses, here I choose a different way - wearing it together with some distressed skinny jeans! I don't own many jeans, because I'd rather go for shorts and tights or leggings when it's colder. But my 5 pair of jeans have one thing in common - they're all destroyed! I love holes in denim, it makes the whole outfit more laid-back and Rock 'n' Roll looking. These are definitely my favorite jeans ever, I wear them quite often (maybe you know them already from an outfit post a couple of months ago)! I'm also wearing my beautiful Spell kimono I got for christmas. Its soft blush colors, floral prints and golden threads are perfection and so vintage 70s looking. I think it looks great with a grey printed tee. 

Ahhh I'm already so excited for Spell's new collection dropping in February! I know I'm definitely getting 3-4 pieces (frankly my birthday is in that month haha). I'm seriously obsessed with all their designs, especially their prints or crochet items include so many beautiful details! Their playsuits and kimonos are my weakness! 

Love xx 

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  1. Obsessed with this look! So happy to be following your blog now(: Thanks for introducing me to these sick brands.