Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We all start as strangers.

Studded biker jacket: Little shop in Frankfurt
Floral collar dress: Zara
Necklace: Forever 21
Fishnet tights: Zara
Boots: Doc Martens
My favorite look lately - when autumn days are not that cold, I still enjoy wearing my thin tights and I'm really into fishnet ones. This look is definitely a 90's vs. girly vs. punky battle haha. To be honest I've been buying a lot of clothing by Zara the last months, because the AW 13 collection is amazing. It's definitely Saint Laurent inspired or copied (however you want to call it) what is great for me, because I loved every single piece, but I could never afford a SL dress for 3000$ and more. Frankly Zara releases some look a likes from time to time and I want to buy them all haha (and I probably will I kinda spend all my money only at Zara when I'm in town - oops). So this floral dress with a cute collar has pretty much the same print as the Saint Laurent one does. Only the collar bow is missing, but that's no big deal, I think. I always wear it with my studded leather jacket to add a punky and grungy touch to it and my Docs. 

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  1. Liebe den Stilbruch! Und die Farben. Und die Jacke!