Thursday, October 3, 2013

"The perfect winter coat" - Problem.

Every year in autumn lots of new coats pop up on online shops and can be found in stores - and it's always the same question: Which one is the perfect one for winter?
It's difficult, because it must have the perfect length, keep you warm and be cozy and not to forget: it should be looking gorgeous on you. I'm not a huge fan of XXL parkas which make the person wearing it looking almost invisible or totally disguising him or her. Khaki parkas with a huge XL faux fur hood are very hot and trendy this year again, but I probably won't buy a new one. I'd rather stay with my beloved Zara parka from last season. (this model I wear here: I'm sure many of you already got a parka and maybe you're searching for a great alternative and something new - and there are amazing opportunities! Boyfriend and oversized cuts, faux fur furry materials (I already got a lepoard printed coat!) and tartan checked blazers. I searched for some cool coats and jackets extra for you - hope you can get inspired or found the perfect one(s). ;-)

Faux Fur coats (or the furry friends)
"oh my god, it's so fluffy!" - yes a faux fur coat is! This season leopard prints are very popular and so are leopard faux fur coats. They probably will never get old, I already got mine at Zara this week. (I'm going to post it very soon in form of an outfit post!) When you're not into leopard prints, there are plenty more prints - dip dye prints from last spring/summer season are available as coats now or plain white and black coats are a great, classy alternative. Furry coats always have a chic attitude, a glamourous "hollywood" touch, but they can also express Rock 'n' Roll and Grunge flair. But you have to keep in mind that only FAKE fur coats are okay, I don't support any real fur. No animal has to die for a clothing piece, synthetic fur is way better. Here are my favorites:
(from left to right: 1. Saint Laurent inspiration AW13/14, source:vogue. 2. Zara 3. & 4. ASOS)

oversize cut coats / blazers (your boyfriend will get jealous!)
Oversized sweaters were all over Tumblr last year, they are the comfiest way to keep you warm. This season oversized coats (looking like huge blazers stolen from your boyfriend's wardrobe) are everywhere and I  love it! They usually come in darker autumn colors like burgundy or grey which I personally love! They go with everything, they look super hot with some leggings or tights underneath and a longtop or dress. Here are some of my favorites:
(from left to right: 1. inspiration from Tumblr 2. aztec pattern coat by Mango 3. Pull & Bear 4. H&M)

Tartan/plaid coats (Grunge it up & vive la revolution!)
Definitely this is my favorite trend. I love grunge fashion and this year plaid and tartan patterns can be found in every store. Frankly there aren't only plaid flannel shirts or tartan mini skirts, there are also amazing coats in order to keep you warm. In cold winter days your favorite plaid shirt won't be enough, so pair it with an cool coat, some heavy biker boots and tights for a grunge look or combine it with a casual black skinny jeans to look chic. There are so many possibilities, plaid patterns also look great with other prints like floral patterns or lace! 
(1. inspiration from the Pull&Bear campaign 2. Zara 3. Urban Outfitters 4. ASOS)

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