Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Special: The Darkest Hour

Velvet Cut Out Dress: Forever 21 • Lace longsleeve top: Free People • Necklace: H&M • Spike headband: Romwe

To be honest: I'm looking forward to Halloween every year. It's not about celebrating, because I usually stay at home and watch a horror movie. It's more the mood. The awesome and scary decorations everywhere, pumpkins, the warm and dark colors - I simply love it! Especially I'm looking forward to posting my Halloween outfit (Like I already did last year as you can see here) every year. I love dark colors, but I don't want to look like a goth or something. I have nothing against the style, I actually love it and experimenting with it. ( but I don't want to look like as I would be a part of a subculture what I'm definitely not, you know... I'm more like a fashion chameleon which loves to express itself haha) But on Halloween you can dress like however you want without being labeled, I love that. Different to my outfit last year, I wanted something less scary (I worn a ribcage dress and studs studs studs...), but still dark and mysterious. And voila - here's my look. I wouldn't only wear it on halloween, it's definitely a look you can wear during the year, too. I loved to mix velvet and lace and of course all in black. The lace thingy is actually a longsleeve - off shoulder shirt. The accessories make it more edgy like the spikey headband I've already owned two years or something and finally found an outfit which looks great including that headpiece. The spikey amulet from H&M is a bit witchy, isn't it? I immediately fell in love with it when I first saw it at the store. The whole look is a mixing of vampire and witch, I guess haha. I'm not quite sure, but it's totally expressing myself. How do you dress for Halloween and what do you think of my look? Just leave a comment below, I'm really interested in your opinions and your personal outfit ideas for the last/upcoming Halloween parties. :-)