Thursday, October 31, 2013

Late autumn/winter inspiration: All we have to do is layering.

The days are getting colder, the mornings are very freezy. November is here tomorrow and you can already see christmas products at every store - are you excited for winter, cozy clothes and the snow? I'm not sure, though. But here are some inspirations for those cold foggy and snowy days and I'm getting excited. I'm looking forward to mixing different materials and prints and layering different coats in different lengths. What about you?
The key pieces: Leather jackets, plaid/tartan prints, floral prints, long coats, chunky knits, lace materials, faux fur coats, statement collars and leopard prints.
And: you can mix different prints when they're matching - like leopard and flowers or tartan and lace - everything's possible as long as it looks cool and not too colorful. Keep on layering!

(Vogue Nippon "East Side Story" by David Mushegain
Source: Fashionista)
(Vogue UK, March 2013. Photographer Josh Olins.)

(Vogue Germany, October 2013. Nevermind)

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