Monday, August 10, 2015

Outfit: Whiskey kisses and campfire songs.

Plaid flannel shirt & printed top: Urban Outfitters || Bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Cowboy Boots: Gamloong || Necklaces: Spell Designs & Vanessa Mooney || Aviator sunglasses: Zara

I'm starting this week with some wild wild wild western vibes this time, I love wearing that kind of outfit so much! That look does express my inner cowgirl at its best. Flannel shirts have been my friends every fall/late summer for years now, there are no shirts which can get cozier or softer than flannels! My favorites are definitely the ones sold at Urban Outfitters, the quality is amazing and you can't even imagine how soft they are! Especially this one got these beautiful warm colors which look great with some denim jeans. I combined it with one of my biker tees in similar matching orange tones, my good old western boots (I wear this pair almost daily the last days, one of my faves!) and southwestern inspired + vintage jewelry. 

Now let's talk about the title "Whiskey kisses and campfire songs.". No, those aren't lyrics of a song this time, it's more like one of my dreamy imaginations of my crazy mind to be honest haha. Most of you who regularly follow my posts here or had a look at my Tumblr  know how much I am into road trips and the wild west in general. I'm dreaming of a time I hit the road with my soulmate (I'm still waiting for him to be honest..), enjoy the freedom while listening to Rock 'n' Roll and taking photos. Spending the whole evening around the campfire and making music, singing songs and loving each other. Maybe one day, I'll keep on waiting. :-)

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Have an awesome new week, friends! Peace & Love. xx

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