Friday, August 21, 2015

Outfit: Roll like thunder, burn like stars.

Hitchhiker kimono in Sienna Tiger: Novella Royale  || Fringed biker top: Topshop (old) || Shorts: Pimkie (similar available on Zalando) || Cowboy boots: Gamloong || Necklaces: Boho Moon & Claires || Concho belt: Lovestrength

My favorite this summer's outfit - you can't imagine how many times I've worn this exact combination during the super hot summer days 2 weeks ago. There's no tee or crop top existing in my wardrobe which is more suitable for this sweaty weather. it's flowy, cropped and goes with everything. On top of that may I present you my latest addiction? This freakin' perfect kimono. I already bought myself a Novella Royale kimono in amethyst for christmas last year and I have worn this baby for so many times. When I clicked through the pages on Revolve I found this amazing kimono in Sienna Tiger print which immediately got me. I remember the first print I saw by Novella Royale was this one, but in bell bottoms a couple of years ago. Since then my love for Novella Royale began and when I saw that there's a kimono in this exact amazing print I had to get it. It's actually been one of the most beautiful boho prints I've seen so far, its brown & warm colors in addition to the outstanding 70s vintage print make it perfect. I really do love brown/earthy tones, those are simply beautiful. Furthermore those kimonos are all made of rayon which is the best (!) fabric in summer, you won't sweat in it and it always feels like silk on skin. 
I've been still enjoying maybe the last couple of warm days, I'm going to miss summer so much. It's always the same you've been looking forward to summer all winter/spring long and then it's there, but passes as fast as it arrives. Seasons are beautiful, but those very cold winter days is definitely something I'd rather renounce. 

Happy weekend, lovers! xx

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