Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outfit: Take a ride on the wild side.

Printed babydoll dress: Forever 21 || Necklaces: Topshop, &Vintage Willow || Thunderbird Cuff: Alushia Sanchia || Studded cowboy boots: Zara 

I haven't worn dresses for a while, so here's finally an outfit including one again. It's one of my favorite dresses I've purchased this year and on top of that it was such a bargain. I remember it wasn't more than 18$ and the quality is pretty good! It looks just like one sold at Free People, but those clothes  are definitely way more expensive (+100$). There was also a blue version, but the burgundy/red tone got me at first sight. It's freakin' comfy because of its baggy babydoll fit and I love to knot it in order to make it look more flattering and cooler. Btw knotting dresses can do wonders especially when the those are too long for your taste and/or are very baggy. 
I really love my accessorizing here! I mixed up silver and gold jewellery (more gold, though) and I'm also wearing my favorite (seriously, I love it so much) thunderbird cuff I bought years ago. I wear it as often as I can when it fits well to the outfit like it does here. 


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  1. A great outfit but I see what is missing, the white socks :)