Monday, March 16, 2015

Outfit: We are the ones still swingin'.

Fringed hendrix jacket in suede: Spell Designs || Biker tee: Gina Tricot (very old) || Shorts: Pimkie (old) || Boots: Dr. Martens  || Necklace: Urban Outfitters
'We're just living for today
Keep our light on in the haze
Yeah, forever we will stay
We are the ones still swinging'
We are a beacon in the dark
A lighthouse risen from the heart
We've been here from the start
We are the ones still swinging' - "Still Swingin'" by Papa Roach (listen to it here, I loooove that song!)
Happy Monday, guys! Today I start the new week with a very 70's Rock 'n' Roll inspired outfit - festival season isn't far away anymore, right? My favorite time of the year has almost started (I know festivals are about music… But festival vibes in the fashion scene are as exciting as the music shows!) and the weather's been good to me and allows me to wear my suede jackets, too - does it get even better? :-) All my favorite shops are constantly releasing festival lookbooks, campaigns and tons of awesome clothes in 70s/hippie style (have you already seen my shopping ideas special post about 70's suede items? *click*)    which makes me eagerly excited about browsing through my favorite online shops and seeing all those amazing new clothes popping up every day.
Anyways, I'm so happy about having this jacket. You probably all know my hendrix jacket in white I got for christmas from my parents - well, I loved it so much that I wanted the version in tan suede, too. I know those jackets were very limited and definitely pretty expensive for me, so I almost accepted the idea of never having it, but I was so lucky to win a gift card when Spell Designs did a giveaway on Facebook (it was my first time ever I won something!) and suddenly that jacket became affordable. So just right on new year's eve I ordered this beauty and now I'm finally able to wear it outside. Talking about the outfit in general I wanted to create a very festival-like outfit, so I decided to wear a printed biker tee in order to put some western vibes to the look (A white one looks best with the tan suede, I think), some denim cut offs, tights (because it's still spring and a bit freezy..), tribal jewelry as usual and my heavy worn 1460 docs (THE perfect festival boot, btw! It can get all muddy, you know..). 

Keep on rockin'! Love & kisses. xx

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