Monday, September 1, 2014

Outfit: Dress everyday like you are going to Jimi Hendrix's funeral.

"Hippie chic" dress: Mango || Faux fur vest: H&M (old) || Concho belt: Vintage via eBay || Coin Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Boots: The Whitepepper

I was so happy when I still had the chance to get my hands on this gorgeous dress by Mango on sale (maybe you all know it from one of my weekly updates), it's very boho/70s inspired and its fabric still keeps you warm when it's windy. Paisley/indian inspired prints are probably my favorites on dresses, they look awesome together with leather or faux fur.  Actually that dress is a loose one, but I prefer wearing it with my concho belt, so it looks more like a skater dress. I have that faux fur gilet for more than 2 years in my wardrobe now and I still love combining it with dresses or leather jackets. I like the fact that it isn't as long as some others I've recently seen on websites, because it's perfect for the body silhouette and goes great with dresses! Especially with this one, the brown/cream tones match perfectly :-)

When I saw a image  which feature the quote "Dress everyday like you are going to Jimi Hendrix's funeral." on instagram, I was just like "oh that's SO me", it really is! I guess that quote is applicable to that outfit and also to my dressing habits in general, isn't it?
I always love looking at pictures of him and his awesome outfits on Tumblr, he's such an inspiration. 

Hopefully you all have a great new week, Goodbye August and hello September! xx

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