Monday, September 15, 2014

Outfit: The day that never comes.

Fringed tribal print kimono: Forever 21 || Metallica tee: Secondhand (actually from Urban Outfitters ; similar available) || Disco shorts: American Apparel ||  Platform heels: The Whitepepper 

Everytime I wear this kimono I kinda feel like a rockstar, the fringing is so dope! Its warm burgundy/dark red + slightly orange colors are perfect for pre-autumn days, but perfectly suitable for summer, too. It is very expensive looking, but it wasn't at all! It was only around 29$, to be honest I had never seen any cheaper kimono which was as beautiful as this one. I saw it on the US Forever 21 shop at first, but the european website (where I have to shop) got this beauty a couple of weeks later, so I checked the "new arrivals" section daily until they finally put it online. It was definitely worth the wait, it's surprisingly heavy (which is perfect for a cold breeze) and the fringing on the arms is way better than fringing on the hemline, because your fingers, rings and fringe won't tangle up. 
If I would sing in a rock band this would  be one of my stage outfits, that for sure haha! The metallica tee was a real bargain, I got it on a secondhand website for 1/5 of the original price and it's perfect for my band shirt collection. Metallica will probably always be my #1 rock band.  

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