Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outfit: As i look outside, all i want is just to get away.

Hollow-knit sweater: Urban Outfitters || Tribal Necklace: Market || Destroyed shorts: Romwe || Suspender tights: old but similar available on Romwe || Boots: Vagabond via Urban Outfitters

Now you really can't deny that autumn's here - so it's time for getting dressed up with cozy sweaters, cardigans and ponchos again. I actually don't own as many sweaters as cardigans, because they aren't that versatile compared to cardigans. But this one is the perfect trans seasonal addition to my wardrobe. It's not as thick as some others, but still quite cozy and when it's not too windy perfect for the colder days, too. And I love its longer length! Even in winter it's still wearable under a leather jacket or coat. I don't want to stop wearing my beloved shorts, so I simply wear them with some tights. Try it out, it's warmer as you might think. ;-D 
I hadn't wore those tights for months before, I totally forget about them. I love the over knee style and because tights + over knee socks were a bit TOO warm, I chose my tights I already owned around two years. 

The weather's really crazy at the moment, when I went for a walk to town it was around 15°C and cloudy. On half way I saw some really dark clouds coming and already heard some thunder. Frankly I reached town before the pouring rain and hail started, so I could wait until the storm was over. Really creepy, I wish I could be somewhere on earth where it's hot, sunny and close to the seaside. Aren't we all dreaming of endless summer? Well, maybe we wouldn't appreciate/enjoy summer as much as we do when there wasn't cold, rainy and uncomfortable weather. But I guess winter has its positive sides, too. Christmas without any snow or at least cold temperature would be weird for us europeans! 

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