Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Purple waves.

Tie dye cut--out shoulder dress: Blackfive || Necklaces and crystal ring: Hellaholics || Bracelets: vintage 

Grungy tie dye for today! I got this beautiful dress from Blackfive and I really love its colors. I think tie dye will never gets old, especially on shirts or dresses. This one has some cute cut-out shoulder details and a nice oversized fit (I always wear wide dresses with a belt) which makes it really comfortable and off-duty looking. I had been searching for a purple lipstick for aaaaages then I finally found this one. Its color looks great together with that dress, doesn't it? It's the same purple tone. Also I'm wearing jewelry from the coolest scandinavian jewelry brand Hellaholics ! Maybe you already saw the picture of the amazing necklaces and rings I posted on instagram. If you are into boho/grunge inspired jewelry, you really should go and check them out! For example the necklace with the buffalo skull + dreamcatcher pendant is so my taste! The pentagram pendant or the hamsa hand add some magical touch to everything. Necklaces with pendants are perfect for layering, I usually wear three or four of them. :-)

Finally I have survived all of my written final exams, yesterday the last one in maths. I'm so glad it's over now! The next two weeks I still have two oral exams in art and geography, but hopefully it will work out for me. xo


  1. Ach du heilige Scheisse wie geil?????

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