Monday, May 5, 2014

Follow your heart and dream on, dreamer.

Lace dress: LittleWhiteLies || Concho belt: vintage || Jewelry: vintage || Platform heels: TheWhitePepper

Even though I love tougher looks which include leather jackets, biker boots and so on, a huge part of my wardrobe is still quite dreamy and focused on lace. I remember buying the dress in February when it was still really cold outside and I had to resist wearing it asap haha. It's one of my favorite dresses, because there are those cute cut out shoulder details. I always wear in this way - with my favorite concho belt and my favorite jewelry! It's a dreamy, boho combo I also would wear at festivals or when spending time w/ friends in the city at hot summer nights. 
A girl can never have enough white lace dresses! When I see nice shooting pictures of girls wearing those 70s inspired lace dresses in the woods on Tumblr I immediately want to put one on aswell. ;-P
Somehow they always look magical.
Btw I'm currently obsessing with a song called "Divine" by In Hearts Wake. It's an australian melodic Metalcore band and to me it's one of those songs when you're listening to it, you kinda feel like being took away to a shiny, perfect and dreamy paradise. Give it a try! :-)

… Unfortunately the next 4 weeks won't be magical at all for me, you know. I still try to post regularly some looks and maybe I'll have some time to post a new instagram update w/ some personal stuff, too. I wish I wouldn't have to be so nervous before the exams arrrgh. Wish me luck!