Sunday, May 18, 2014

Darkside of the moon.

Crochet bell sleeved romper: Forever 21 || Drifter Necklace: Vanessa Mooney || Rings: Vintage || Concho hat: Forever 21 || Western boots: Zara (last summer '13)

This look is probably going to be my favorite summer outfit in 2014 - it's a dark boho/western style and I still can't get over the fact that this lovely romper only costed 21€! Forever 21 has such cool expensive looking pieces for little money sometimes. So it was really a bargain! I love bell sleeves so much especially in summer and its crochet details make it perfect. I bought the concho hat (I wanted one for ages) when I was in Munich last winter, I always enjoy being at the huge Forever 21 flagship store. My long necklace is actually a lucky charm for my final exams I got from my parents. Fortunately it really does bring me luck, even though I haven't received the results of my written tests, I have quite a good feeling about it. Still two oral exams are ahead of me on the next following Tuesdays (in arts and geography) and I hope I won't be too nervous! I'm counting the days and can't wait for the tests to be over. It's not only learning what is stressful it's more the permanent feeling of tension. After that I have some big plans like posting more, showing you some impressions of my wardrobe/my clothing and jewelry collection and I want to spend more of my time on photography for my blog. I plan to shoot some boho looks in the woods in summer and write more about my inspiration and myself. My biggest dream is designing a whole collection one day that would be probably the best thing that ever could happen to me. ;-D


  1. I love you in those super super beautiful sexy tights <3 You are the most beautiful girl <3