Monday, February 6, 2017

Outfit: Right where it belongs.

Embroidered afghan vest: Vintage || Kombi boho dress: Spell Designs || Platform Boots: Vagabond

One of my typical boho looks and favorite combos: A flowy printed dress and a vintage vest. You can actually never go wrong with that and the vest always make the whole outfit look more unique. My afghan vest got the same pink tone than my dress, so these two definitely look like they were made for being worn together. That same kind of vest already wore Jim Morrison, it's one of my favorite finds for sure. I really miss the warmer summer weather when I could still wear outfits like that without a heavy winter coat on top. But it's already half time, not long enough and spring will be here again. :-)

Love x

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  1. Great outfit! Your afghan vest is so wonderful and foreign : )