Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Outfit: Glass Built Castles.

Embroidered indian jacket: Vintage via Etsy || Paisley shirt: Secondhand - Oxfam Shop || Ripped jeans: H&M || Studded western belt and western boots: Topshop  || Squash Blossom & red garnet pendant: Vintage

For this Wednesday I wear an outfit including many vintage/secondhand pieces which are actually the real treasures in everyone's closet. Those are the unique clothes nobody else is wearing what I love! I bought this original 70s embroidered jacket from one of my favorite vintage boutiques on Etsy, isn't it great? It goes with almost everything and can be dressed down or up. Here I wear it with one of my vintage paisley shirts I got secondhand - I really like its psychedelic print and grey color shades which also go with everything. I combined this with a studded western belt, cowboy boots and a pair of ripped skinny jeans that adds some Rock 'n' Roll and laid-back feel to the look. 

Peace. xx

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