Monday, April 11, 2016

Outfit: To chase a feather in the wind Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight.

Floral 70s inspired midi dress: ASOS || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs || Indian silver jewelry: Vintage

Summer's just around the corner and what could be better than a flowy long dress for some summer vibes? I ordered this gorgeous 70s vintage inspired midi dress from ASOS a few weeks back, isn't it amazing? I don't wear many midi/maxi dresses (maybe around 4-5 I think), but I had to have this one. I immediately loved its burgundy/green/cream floral print and its kimono style, it's very me and so comfortable! I picked my beloved studded western boots with a huge buckle, a studded belt and chains - no pair of boots I own looks better with vintage dresses than this one. :-)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, the festival season is slowly starting! Beginning with several Australian festivals and of course Coachella - I wish I could be there (that's like my ultimate dream!) but again I have to spend the three days in front of my Notebook at home and watching the live stream of my favorite music acts. I'm so excited for the Guns 'N' Roses comeback and many more!

Love x

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