Friday, April 15, 2016

Outfit: I wanna Rock 'n' Roll all night like it's 1975.

Patchwork suede jacket: ASOS || Floral indian dress: Urban Outfitters || Squash Blossom necklace: Etsy || Studded western boots: Zara

"I wanna lose my mind; I wanna Rock'n'Roll all night; Like it's 1975; When all the kids were cool; And breakin' all the rules! " - starting this post with some lyrics from one of my favorite songs lately - it's called "1975" by the rock band Biters (video here ) and it's constantly playing on repeat - it's so so so good! Speaking about the outfit it could be straight from 1975, too - I'm wearing an indian gauze inspired dress in an beautiful mustard color I got from Urban Outfitters and a patchwork suede jacket which is probably the coolest suede jacket ever. I bought it on sale (70% off! :-) ) because I loved its vintage feel and especially the snakeskin look leather parts. I'm definitely going to rock this one for years from now on - it goes with everything! Because of its cropped cut it's perfect for being worn above dresses, too. 

Kisses xx