Friday, March 18, 2016

Outfit: Never falling asleep tonight, 'cause I fear the dream will end too soon.

Printed chiffon kimono: Romwe || Van Halen shirt: Forever 21 || Ripped knee jeans: Zara || Western boots: Gamloong || Necklace & concho belt: Vintage 

For this Friday I have a very cowboy/american vintage inspired laid back outfit which is very casual and comfortable - I really like its warm colors! Funny fact besides: I don't own any jeans with no destroyed details! Destroyed jeans simply belong to my signature look. I have this jeans in two different washes, but this time the lighter wash fits better to the grey tone of my Van Halen band tee in combination with my red/orange/rust colored ethnic printed kimono I received from Romwe the other day. I'm totally digging midi kimonos in combination with jeans lately, it makes the typical "jeans look" look much more interesting and edgier. :-)

Have a rockin' weekend! Kisses. xx

1 comment:

  1. Wenn Eine Ripped-Jeans tragen kann dann bist Du es!:) Sieht echt stark aus!:)
    LG Ina