Monday, March 14, 2016

Outfit: My gypsy road can't take me home, I keep on pushin' cause it feels alright.

Embellished and embroidered kimono: H&M Trend || Harley Davidson tee: Vintage || Buffalo skull necklace: Etsy || Buttoned bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Platform boots: Vagabond

Spring is getting closer and I can finally tell that I'm not even freezing anymore while wearing that kind of looks outside. To be honest I'm not shopping at H&M that often, but sometimes they really have some really beautiful and extraordinary statement pieces like this embroidered kimono from the H&M Trend label which was one of my birthday presents last month. It's thicker than the usual flowy kimonos I'm wearing in summer, it's more like a knitted cardigan version of those which makes it perfect for the spring weather. I immediately liked the pom pom details and its black and white zik-zak print with the colorful embroidery on it. It got the perfect kimono length, too. I decided to go for a more desert/biker inspired combination and wore it with my grey vintage Harley shirt, my vintage blue shorts from my favorite denim brand One Teaspoon and my newest treasure in my jewelry collection: This perfect carved buffalo skull pendant. It got a native american chief and a bear head as a detail and I couldn't imagine it better. I had been searching for a perfect buffalo skull pendant for a very long time and this one couldn't get any better, could it? 

Peace. xx