Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outfit: One love in your eyes now.

Coyote kimono: Spell Designs || Denim buttoned bustier top: Minkpink || Bandit shorts: One Teaspoon via ShopBop || Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Vagabond

I even don't know how long I had waited for this kimono to be available. I guess it was around 4 months after I saw this beauty in a sneak-peak picture. The western inspired print got me at first sight, those cute symbols all over are so me. There can be conchos, bull skulls, pistols, feathers, arrows and even horseshoes found - so everything the american heart can wish for (especially when you're into cowboy and indians stories/movies hehe…). On top of that there's also a beautiful moroccan pattern in a beautiful peachy-pink tone for the background! That's so typical for Spell Designs, they have the most beautiful boho prints ever! I think this kimono couldn't get any better. The two-piece combo underneath funnily happened by chance, shorts and bustier top were actually created separately. I got this bustier top around one year ago (I posted it in my "Coachella love" outfit post last year) and I love its light washed denim together with the peachy color of the kimono. I think light tones in blue and pink look amazing together! When I searched for shorts matching the outfit in my wardrobe, I saw that my beloved one teaspoon shorts got the same light wash and color as my crop top like if they were made for each other. Now I only had to add my favorite necklace, rings and my platform boots to create this combo which has definitely become one of my most favorite outfits this summer. 
Btw did you recognize the lyrics in my title? I got really nostalgic about music last weekend and listened to all my favorite tunes from 5-10 years ago. Still loving "One Love" by Aiden so much. If you haven't heard it yet, you really should go check it out here . Definitely a worth listening to for all rock music lovers out there. 

Love xx

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