Monday, April 27, 2015

Outfit: Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.

"Xanadu" Duster kimono: Spell Designs || Metallica tee worn as dress: H&M || Necklaces: Shop Dixi & Vanessa Mooney

This look is all about beautiful purple & blue hues, it's probably my favorite color combination. It always reminds me of the sea, my favorite place to be. This beautiful duster got beautiful flowers and stunning peacocks for the print and is very 70s inspired when thinking of old indian gauze dresses which got similar prints and patterns. I wanted to keep the rest simple and plain, so I combined the flowy duster with my acid washed Metallica dress (it's actually an oversized tank top from the men collection at H&M - when you want to wear tees as dresses, always go 2-3 sizes up or it'll be too short. :-) ) and layered necklaces. The two shorter ones are new, I love wearing them together. Those are less huge than statement necklaces, but still are an eye-catcher what I love! 

Happy new week, friends! xx