Monday, April 14, 2014

Instagram Update: What's actually going on right now.

I took many mirror selfies the last two weeks as you can see haha. The weather was perfect last week, so I was finally able to live out my Kimono obsession! Now the weather is the typical european april weather - cold,  rainy, sunny, stormy… It doesn't want to make a decision, I guess. BUT: I finally have two weeks off! Unfortunately I still have to study for my final exams I will have just right after the holidays, so "being lazy" all the time won't work. ;-P Anyway I'm definitely going to post many new looks, some new inspirations (like the upcoming Coachella '14 inspiration I planned!) and other updates. I've wanted to do an post about some parts of my wardrobe and my 'collections' since like forever now and I definitely do this by no later than in the end of may when my school work will be finished! Be prepared for some new features, I really want to put my blog on a higher and more professional level. I can't wait to post daily for you guys! 
Listened: Many old songs by Metallica and Pendulum. I fall for Electronic and Rock!
Read: My "all you have to know for the final exams" maths book, baaah. (yes I hate it. ;P), some fashion magazines.
Watched: A really cool documentation about the dark side of the catacombs in Paris (here) and the lifestream of Skrillex's performance at Coachella (here). It's like perfection. 
Bought: A lot of jewelry actually. Summer is coming and I'm obsessing over tribal bracelets, necklaces and rings. I want to layer them all up! Some amazing vintage Harley Davidson tees. (my weakness…) Oh and a new kimono I've wanted for ages and which was restocked on!
Wished: Love, Life and Peace at Coachella. I've never wished being at any festival as much as being at Coachella. I literally spend hours stalking the Coachella feed on Instagram and watching the broadcast hehe.
Annoyed by: School and that every time changing weather. argh...
Happy because…: Holiiiidays. My new upcoming looks I'm going to show you asap!
I'm looking forward to…: HOT summer nights.