Monday, April 7, 2014

☾ ❂ Don't let it stop till we make it to the daylight. ❂ ☽

Lace kimono: Forever 21 || Embellished crop top: Zara || Western belt: Lovestrength || Necklace: Vintage || Levis 501 shorts: Vintage || Platform booties: The WHITEPEPPER

Get ready for my summer looks, it's the beginning. Finally!! I also start with one of my favorite looks, I have to admit that I buy way more clothes in spring/summer than in winter, it's almost time for Coachella and festival season, so you can see beautiful clothes or jewelry just perfectly fitting to my wardrobe everywhere arghh…  I bought this cute crop top at Zara some weeks before, now I can finally wear it! It's colorful and very gypsy like, but I like the fact it's got a black background. Colorful embellishment always look way better on black ground than e.g. white or red. I immediately thought of wearing it with my Levis 501 vintage babes and my lace kimono. The kimono is a size L btw, it was actually pretty tight fitting and less kimono-like as I expected it, so I decided to size it up. Frankly I was shopping at the Forever 21 store in Munich, so I had all sizes available for trying it on. So when you want to buy a kimono online: Always size one or two sizes up, I'm sure you won't regret it unless there's not only a one size or two sizes available like "S/M" or "M/L". ;-D
I would definitely wear that outfit at Coachella, I really would do everything to be there this year. Unfortunately I live in Germany, you know and I have my final exams soon (already getting stomach cramps when thinking of it…), so I'm not able to fly spontaneously to California. 
Maybe you already noticed that I'm mostly using lyrics for my post titles, this one is a passage of the song "Recess" by Skrillex. I literally can't stop listening to that album, somehow it's not getting boring or annoying. Sonny always does a great job with his awesome bass drops. And yes, the fact he does play at Coachella this weekend doesn't make it easier or better for me to stay here boohoo… Hopefully there are some damn live streams or recordings later on Youtube! 

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  1. Loving the top! It's so awesome!

    x Dawn