Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turn The Page.

Oversized denim jacket: Romwe || Metallica tee: Urban Outfitters || Floral skirt: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Zara

Here you see probably the coolest denim jacket of my wardrobe ever. It's a perfect layering piece, adds some 90s spirit to every outfit and I love its grey color! I had only got blue denim jackets before which sometimes don't fit to some outfits. This one is definitely the best alternative for a black biker leather jacket. I was so happy when I went to Urban Outfitters the other day and saw this cute floral skirt and metallica shirt (actually from the men collection, but so what) on sale for only 17€ each. I'm in love with Urban Outfitters, but usually it's pretty expensive and it's worth waiting for some pieces to be on sale. 

Somehow the darker and colder the weather gets, I'm dreaming more and more of summer, my boho/hippie looks, my kimonos and crop tops. I already found myself clicking through summer/sun/boho/hippie fashion blogs on tumblr and buying some Kimonos… Aww winter go away!
Do you already think the same? I really miss the sun and the heat. 

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