Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspiration: Black is beautiful.

Shopping Tips:

1. Long cardigan: H&M || 2. Mesh longsleeve crop top: Zara  || 3. Studded leather jacket with faux fur collar: Forever 21 || 4. Leather skirt: Mango 

The weather is cold and gloomy and foggy mornings and evenings are usual for this season - somehow I also tend to wear more black clothes in winter and totally go for the black on black combination. My love for black will never stop. It's simply timeless, classy and can express Rock 'n' Roll. To be honest I never wear outfits without any black piece. There's nothing better than black leather, mesh or lace. Or maybe there's something better: Layering clothes with different grey/black shades - what's your favorite black piece of clothing?

(Source: All pictures found on Tumblr except the last one: It's from one of my outfit posts in November 2012)

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