Friday, March 15, 2013

You are the sun, you are the only one.

"Death Moth" Top: Sovrin
Jacket: DIY
Tie dye leggings: H&M

Hell yeah I love this tank top from Sovrin apparel! This shop got some awesome tops w/ amazing prints - go and check 'em out. :) I really love that color, it's a dark wine red which I always love. It goes with everything especially grey/black/white. Of course I chose my favorite faux leather jacket which I studded on my own. It was hard work, but it totally was worth it! The tie dye leggings is a piece I had searched for ages and finally found at my local H&M store. I'm a big fan of wearing leggings, I don't like denim pants that much. Usually I think they never fit perfectly and aren't that comfy haha. Only one week left till my holidays (14 days) start - I can't wait! Even though I have to learn for several exams this week. xxx

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  1. your outfits are so cool!the leggings are amazing.