Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild Child.

Shirt: Romwe
Jewelry: presents from Mum, Fashionology, Vintage
Leggings: Topshop

Well at least I can wear my festival inspired outfits to act like it would be spring weather outside haha. 
I'm crushing on navajo prints and when it comes to that leggings it's perfection to me. The washed details minimize the intensity, I love it. The washed spike shirt fit perfectly and it's quite cozy. I got it 3 months ago now I finally found a great way to wear it! The next outfits are mostly going to be very Roadtrip inspired. I got so many great clothes lately I really can't wait to post them!
Because I have more time, I'm going to post some inspiration I've collected the last weeks - my summer mood has to be spreaded! :D
My holidays started yesterday and next week I celebrate Easter with my family. How do you celebrate? I hope I won't have to search in the snow... Sometimes I just dream myself away to a summer festival with great music and great people. 
Btw: put some cool items on sale - have a look! 
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