Friday, July 13, 2018

Outfit: Shipwrecked.

Lace shipwreck fringed dress: Free People (secondhand) || Boots: Spell Designs

This is actually my favorite red dress and I have it in my wardrobe for quite a while now, maybe 2 years? I got it on eBay and it was secondhand, I love its edgy design!
It never gets old, it got some boho and pirate vibes. Can't wait to wear it by the seaside this summer. :-)

Peace x


  1. Schickes Kleid, steht Dir sehr gut!!:)
    LG Ina

  2. I love the design, fringe, flared sleeves, lace at the shoulders and the colour of your Free People lace shipwreck fringed dress. Your necklaces look beautiful and are fascinating. Your wavy hair looks pretty and slightly wild, and your pretty lipstick coordinates beautifully with that dress. Your eye-makeup also looks very pretty. I love your outfit photos - you look very pretty, exotic and intriguing in them.

  3. Eu amo vermelho. Esse vestido real├žou ainda mais sua beleza. A cor do cabelo e da pele ficaram maravilhosos.