Monday, April 9, 2018

Outfit: Lonely the brave.

Pink floyd tee: Vintage || Castaway skirt and cowboy boots: Spell Designs 

Summer has arrived and it seems that it's here to stay - it's around 20 °C all day lately which I love and enjoy so much! I'm wearing a beautiful boho skirt from Spell Designs which is a re-release piece of a very old collection. I missed this one a few years ago and now I finally had the chance to get it. It's a beautiful flowy skirt! I combined it with a vintage Pink Floyd tee which is one of my favorite band tees. Its print is so beautiful! I think it's from 1993, a real treasure.

Love xx


  1. Ein wunderschöner Rock! Steht Dir echt gut!!:)
    LG Ina

  2. You look wonderful :)