Monday, December 19, 2016

Outfit: And I feel that time's a wasted go, so where ya going to tomorrow?

Penny lane afghan velvet coat & concho belt: Vintage || Rolling Stones tee: Zara || Ethnic embroidered shorts: Shed Threads || Platform Boots: Vagabond

This look is probably my favorite winter look this year, I'm digging this coat so much! I bought it vintage on Etsy, I really liked its beautiful red burgundy shades. It's so soft and cozy aswell! To me it's one of these ultimate Rock 'n' Roll coats that make every outfit look more interesting, vintage coats are my favorites. I combined it with my vintage inspired Rolling Stones band tee I bought at Zara, some embroidered shorts I received a last year and loads of turquoise navajo jewelry. All in all a very Boho/Rock 'n' Roll chic combo that couldn't get more 'me'... :-)



  1. Love what you wear, apart from these boots, I always think how good your looks would be with some biker or Western Boots, or even some long Suede ones.....but that's just me & im from the UK so maybe our style is a bit different here. Great Looks though. X