Monday, May 2, 2016

Outfit: Yes, the river knows.

Embroidered and mirrored velvet waistcoat ; psychedelic shirt dress & indian jewelry: Vintage || Studded western boots: Zara (old) 

Today's outfit is completely vintage and it's definitely been one of my most loved looks I posted in 2016 so far. It's very 70s, very Rock 'n' Roll and very festival inspired - short: sums up me and my style in general. :-)
I bought this oh so perfect embroidered waistcoat from one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy a few weeks ago after I had been searching for a versatile vest which goes above all my summer dresses. This black afghan vest was love at first sight - I haven't seen any waistcoat like this before. Most are usually made with golden embroidery, but silver fits so much better to my usual accessories choice (lots of silver, you know!). A beautiful waistcoat can make every outfit look much more interesting and outstanding. This psychedelic paisley shirt dress is from Oxfam, a local secondhand shop. I love its warm 60s/70s print in retro colors and I'm definitely going to wear it a lot this summer  because I can easily unbutton it and throw it over everything as a jacket or an alternative to my kimonos, too. 

Peace. xxx


  1. Erneut ein klasse Outfit:) Das Kleid gefällt mir sehr gut, obwohl es ja sehr kurz ist. Es hat eine wunderschöne Farbe und gibt dem, ansonsten ja eher dunklen, Look einen besonderen Pfiff!:)
    LG Ina

  2. So true what you said about connecting with fashion.