Friday, February 19, 2016

Outfit: Sun reflecting in your eyes like an easy rider.

Sunset Road Boho dress & turquoise necklace: Spell Designs || Black squash Blossom: etsy || Double buckle western belt: ASOS || Cowboy boots: Gamloong

Most of you know my love for prints by Spell & The Gypsy Collective, so I think you won't be surprised if I tell you that this one is a favorite dress - it got the perfect fit, colors and details. What I love the most about Spell prints is that they are actually vintage inspired, but still different and even more beautiful. This print expresses my love for the desert and native american culture as you can see while looking at the thunderbirds, desert scenery and typical western symbols like the bull skull. The dress is like my passion for mixing navajo jewelry and antique indian silver pieces, both match so well together. To be honest I'm not wearing pink colors that often, but if I do I only go for the powdery/creamish shades or like this salmon tone. Those are simply beautiful and especially for us dark haired ladies a great option. While wearing dresses I'm very generous when it comes to wearing accessories, so I did some necklace layering (my favorite combo lately) and added navajo rings, cowboy boots and a chunky double buckle western belt in warm brownish colors. I think they fit nicely to the dress. 

Have a hell of a good weekend, lovers! xx

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  1. So einen Gürtel mit doppelter Schnalle habe ich noch nie gesehen. Ein außergewöhnliches Detail!:)
    LG Ina