Monday, January 11, 2016

Outfit: Whole Lotta Love.

Patchwork suede coat with faux fur collar: ASOS || Led Zeppelin top and snake print leggings : H&M || Coin necklace: Urban Outfitters || Platform boots: Vic Matie

For this Monday I'm wearing my signature winter look - black leggings, a band tee and a coat. I got this stunning coat on sale a few weeks ago, it's the perfect 70s suede coat and it is very similar to the one and only coat which was worn by Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous. It got that huge, soft faux fur (of course; fake fur is the only way!) collar in combination with faux fur trims and an impressive patchwork suede design. I love its warm brown/cream and slightly red-brown color tones! It's actually my first midi coat, most of the coats I own end above the knee - this one is longer which makes it even more amazing. I already got multiple compliments overtime I wore it in town, it's a statement piece which got these perfect 70s vintage vibes. I combined it with a snake printed leggings and an oversized band tee from one of my favorite 70s rock bands Led Zeppelin. I will never get tired or bored of my band tees, I've been collecting them for many years. I love that they always add Rock 'n' Roll to every outfit and make it look so much cooler. Plus for a rock music addict like me they express my passion and love for the bands I listen to. 

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!
Love x

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