Friday, November 20, 2015

Outfit: Set me free so I can fly, break the chains of the beast inside.

Kiss the Sky bell sleeved dress: Spell Designs || Concho belt: Lovestrength || Coin necklace: Urban Outfitters || Cowboy boots: Zara

"Set me free so I can fly

Break the chains of the beast inside
Night and day gonna see me soar
Close my eyes and I let it go
Flying higher than I've ever known
Night and day gonna see me soar
Close my eyes and I let it go" 
(- Vigo Thieves "Free" - such a great alternative rock song, listen to it here

Even though this post looks like one I made back in summer, because I was lucky enough to catch some sunshine before the ugly weather has started, it was actually pretty cold on that day. I miss wearing those kind of outfits without having to add a winter coat and thick tights! I got this beautiful dress a while ago back in September, isn't it beautiful? I also have the pink version of Spell's Kiss The Sky print in a kimono, I'm sure most of you already know it from one of my previous outfit posts. I loved the psychedelic mandala print so much that I wanted to get it in blue/purple tones for a dress aswell. The turquoise in combination with blue, black and purple shades is simply stunning! This is probably my favorite color combination ever and furthermore you don't see it every day in the streets. 
Bell sleeved mini dresses has become my preferred style when it comes to dresses, plus I really do love the backless design! I combined the outfit with my most worn coin necklace ever, a small concho belt and some western boots. All in all it's very festival inspired, I can't wait for the festival season to start again in 6 months! :-)

Happy weekend, lovers!


  1. Wieder ein Super-Outfit!! Wo bekommst Du immer nur die Ideen her? Wenn ich Deine Outfits in diesem Jahr so durchgehe, würde ich das Outfit vom Montag den 16.11 auf Platz 1 Wählen und dieses auf Platz 2!! :)
    LG Ina