Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outfit: I am lost right now as the ocean deep.

Printed Blouse: Mango || Bandit shorts in fox: One Teaspoon || Boots: Ash || Necklace: Vintage via etsy

Here is probably the best blouse I've ever purchased, I don't know how it could get any better. It got the perfect muted colors, a beautiful 70s inspired boho print AND it's silky which is my favorite part! Lately I set my heart on shiny, silky and satin fabrics. They look amazing! Every time I'm wearing this blouse I feel like a rockstar from the 70s who's just about to hit the stage haha. I wanted the outfit to be dark but still casual and cool without being too dressy so I went for my favorite black denim shorts and my studded biker boots. It's almost a whole silver+black combo with a burgundy highlight. 
I don't own that many blouses, because usually I prefer wearing tees or crop tops. But they're an awesome solution for summer when you can wear them with shorts (skirts look a bit too dressy for my taste) or ripped denim jeans. 

For the title I chose lyrics from the song "Pittsburgh" by The Amity Affliction. It's one of those songs which break your heart in thousands of pieces, but in the same moment they stitch everything together again. This song makes me almost cry and feel understood, I guess it was love at first listen. If you're into Metalcore/Hardcore and rock music in general, you really should check it out. :-) 

Love x

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