Monday, May 25, 2015

Outfit: Garden of roses.

Floral lace playsuit: TrendsGal || Waterfall short trench: Zara || Jewelry: Dixi & Vintage || Boots: Vagabond

Another new week here we go! I start the week with an outfit which includes this cute laced trimmed floral playsuit I received from TrendsGal (you can get 5% OFF with the coupon code "trendsgalitry5"btw!) - it's really cute and perfect for hot days! Playsuits are the perfect solution when you want to feel all comfortable and on top of that they're the perfect replacement for shorts and a tee (probably my favorite combo to go all time ;-D). I love to wear the floral playsuit with my waterfall trench inspired jacket, because the beige color matches perfectly the pink of the print's roses. I ordered it from the Zara website one year ago after I had an eye on it a very looong time until it was sold out but then it was fortunately restocked for a last time. I'm still glad about it, because I wear it pretty often - it goes with almost everything and I fell in love with its color and drapey front. Maybe you all know the saying "When you can't stop thinking of something, buy it!" from instagram photos or tumblr quotes, it's probably true haha - "nothing haunts us more than those things we didn't buy" - riiiiight? ;-D 
Really, most of those clothes will never leave your wardrobe again! 

Love x


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