Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fire away, fuck this place that we called home.

Fringe jacket: H&M (old) || blouse: "Staring At Stars" - Urban Outfitters || Velvet dress: Minkpink || Necklace: Vintage

Here's a very bohemian inspired look I love to wear when the sun doesn't come out and the spring day is still a bit cold. I finally have a look posted with that dress, I already bought it half a year ago and it's one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. It's not only because of my favorite fabric, I think it has the most beautiful pattern ever. Wearing different prints together can be easily stupid looking, but that vintage printed blouse looks great with the dress, doesn't it? The whole look kinda makes me feel like a hippie princess. ;-D

Btw I'm constantly listening to Skrillex's new album "Recess" (which will be released soon) it's so damn beautiful! Especially "Fire Away" (my post title contains a part of the refrain) or "Ease My Mind". I'm just in love! 
Here's the streaming of the song "Fire Away". :-)


  1. Ein sehr schönes Kleid ! <3

  2. you should try the band Mustasch. I discovered them lately and I think they're awesome!