Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014! + Instagram Updates

A little sneak-peak for my next outfit post coming very very soon. :-)
2013. There were many beautiful moments, important experiences and great days full of happiness. But there were also moments I'd rather forget, feelings I would love to change or exhausting days and anxiety. I got to know how it feels like to be in love, but I also got to know how it feels to loose that person you love the most immediately after those beautiful feelings and moments I never had before. Repressions, motivations and distractions followed afterwards, but I'm happy to say that I can leave it all behind in 2014. I was inspired by so many beautiful things, landscapes, summer nights, music and characters. 
I listened to... pretty much only rock music in general, but also dubstep by Skrillex. Albums like "Sempiternal" by Bring Me The Horizon or "Temper Temper" by Bullet For My Valentine were played very very often and helped me to go through some stuff. Very important songs were "Chaos Lives In Everything" or "Get Up" by Korn, "Soul Desintegration" by Scar The Martyr and my all time favorite bands like Nirvana, Deftones or IAMX, of course. :-)
I watched... TV shows! Many many TV shows. My favorites like 90210 (new version), Pretty Little Liars or Skins UK helped me to forget the stressful days in school or my daily life. I also enjoyed watching "American Horror Story" on TV, amazing horror series! I watched other great horror/splatter movies aswell. Furthermore I fell in love with Disney's "Frozen", it was so magical watching it in 3D at the cinema. 
Fashion inspirations... I was inspired by Saint Laurent's AW13/14 fashion show, I loved the whole grunge collection! I also loved the festival summer inspirations at Coachella this year or the outfits of TV show characters like Effy Stonem (Skins UK) or Ivy Sullivan (90210). Oh and not to forget: My favorite inspiration source - Tumblr! 
I shopped a lot... online to be honest. Shops like Romwe, ASOS, River Island, Topshop or Urban Outfitters are my all time favorites! When I was in town I usually went to Zara, H&M and Urban Outfitters. 

My wishes and plans for 2014
I want to finish school with having great A-Level results! I don't want to go to university, I want to get a job where I can use my passion for fashion. Maybe writing for a fashion magazine, blogging in a professional way or doing some visual merchandising at my favorite stores. I would love to find "the one", I want to enjoy all those beautiful summer nights at the fullest and spending much more time at rock concerts or on festivals. I want to feel alive and meet awesome new people. I would love to travel to London, do some shopping there and enjoying the city and its sights and maybe meeting new people. 

And I want to concentrate more on my blog and let you all, my lovely readers, take part in my life. Improving my posts and blogging way more often are my intents in 2014. I want you to show my outfits and I want to inspire you. My blog has become one of the most important things to me in 2013 and at this place I just want to thank all of you! Thank you so much for hyping, commenting or liking my outfits on, Facebook, Instagram and here on my blog. Thank you for reading my posts and visiting my page! All your lovely comments and messages have meant so much to me and cheered me up at any time! :-) 

Let 2014 begin... xoxo

My lovely christmas holiday moments. I took many selfies! But as you can see my christmas presents under the christmas tree are very glittery and shiny - they are many vintage clothes, Dr. Martens 1460 boots (finally!) and the most beautiful jacket ever: The Unif Sangre velvet biker jacket! I fell in love so hard haha. I'm already looking forward to showing you my new clothes (I already bought a lot in sale haha) in the next outfit posts. And have a look at my "Buddha bank" - isn't he the cutest thing ever?? 

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