Thursday, August 29, 2013

Be your own hero.

Cross cropped blouse: Romwe
Floral mesh bomber jacket: Bershka
Studded denim shorts: Romwe
Studded boots: Ash 
Sunglasses: Romwe
This look is definitely more urban like, but it includes my favorite pieces. This beautiful jacket is one of my shopping findings I bought when I was in Frankfurt, I love the sheer material and the roses! Even if it's colorful, it's still dark and I fell in love with that floral rose print. And yeah - I'm wearing the RADEST sunnies ever. These are SO cool and I always enjoy the people looking at me when I'm wearing these sunnies. My cropped blouse adds a quite chic touch to the whole look and my studded and shredded denim shorts make it look more grungy and punky.